Body Changes!

August 27, 2016

So over the past couple of weeks this is what's been going on! The 12 week scan happened (turns out I was 13 weeks) and I took the giant Neil Armstrong style leap to buy MATERNITY LEGGINGS! I shit you not...this was a MAJOR step for me lol


So there we were, a Thursday morning, two eager beavers, waiting in the Royal Maternity Hospital at 7.40am, even though the appointment wasn't to 8am. Spot the newbie parents!

I'd had an early scan around 6 weeks and boy had I learned my lesson - this time, I made the conscious decision to drink minimal water until I hit the waiting area in the hospital. 

The 6 week appointment hadn't been pretty. Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman, with a full bladder, driving from Belfast to Newry, over speed bumps, with a husband who found it highly amusing and laughed most of the way there!

So our scan went well- I didn't cry. I didn't expect to, I'm not really a crier lol but I was text by an already established Mama just before the scan who said 'Tell me how you get on...I defy you not to cry!"

But I didn't.

I don't know about you, but when watching the movies, the man and woman always look very emotional, holding each others hands, gazing into each others tear filled eyes, at the sheer wonderment of the image on the screen . This did not happen lol I don't even think we looked at each other, never mind held hands! haha!

But it was amazing to see how much the 'bean' had grown from the last scan and when the Midwife jiggled the top of the stick thingy (do not know official name) on my stomach in an attempt to wake up the now plum sized bambino...I was slightly proud when the wee bugger remained defiant and wouldn't budge!  I thought to myself 'There's my boy/girl! Stubborn as feck, just like yer ma!' 


Afterwards I felt a huge wave or relief, as all was well in the womb! The appointment went on forever, or so it seemed and I returned home for a 3 hour siesta, having used my very long appointment to make the important decision that maternity clothing was required. My expanding waistline and the red dent that had formed around my stomach from sitting for hours in my previously form fitting jeans, told me so!


Cue next took me another week to make the journey to New Look for a pair of maternity leggings. In between, I tried out my normal fitting ones, telling myself 'sure it'll be grand, I just need to stretch them a bit'.  

So, I turned down the waist in an attempt to make them less uncomfortable. Then I tried pulling them up in a Simon Cowell fashion, which resulted in an almighty wedgy! I don't know how the man does it!

So Simon Cowell eventually persuaded me that the time had come to move to the maternity section.  

I was horrified by the huge sized arse in the Maternity Leggings I found, thinking Holy God, surely that's too big!  But arse fitted's definitely grown and those leggings?...they were unusually comfortable, engulfing not only my new found booty, but the large ever expanding waist and executive suite womb for the growing baby. My new purchase went straight to work the next day and my dog, Molly, appeared to enjoy the extra cushioning she had to lie on! (see pic lol)


I still need to expand a tad to perfectly fit them, but something tells me that won't take long!I do however resemble Nora Batty when I'm wearing them, because as my 5 ft body means short legs, until the bump grows a little more I will have to continue pulling up my drawers throughout the day, but hey at least I'm (more) comfortable!Anyway for now I'm off to watch the man himself (Simon Cowell of course) tonight on X-Factor...the first year in 13 years of X-Factor-in-the-sofa-time that I shall not have a glass of vino in my hand and feel slightly tipsy by the end of the show! Maybe a non-alcoholic Mojito from LIDL will help....SAID NO PREGNANT WOMAN EVER!


Happy weekend people and spare a thought for the sober pregnant ladies on their sofa's for X factor time!


Rosemary x (strange looking pink haired gal who just happens to be pregnant too!)




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August 27, 2016

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