Centred Yogis is a rolling course, booked in block of 5 weeks. (Yogis is suitable for 8wks plus)


⭐Start Date: Friday 6th March

⭐Time: 10:30-11.30am

⭐Cost: £39 (We operate an Honesty Policy, therefore if you are unable to meet the cost of this course we may be able to help. Please contact us directly on 07719051393, for more information. )

⭐Location:THE STUDIO @Centred Soul, 10 Marcus Street, Newry.


We like to bring you Baby Yoga with a difference, ie. Baby Yoga, lots of movements, a heavy dose of craic, a hot cup of tea/coffee straight into your hand & good, honest conversation! Your class will include yoga to help your baby stretch, strengthen arms, legs and neck. Balance that with activity and sensory play and some weeks you may also have a sleeping baby after class lol #boom #result


This is a more active class than baby massage & keeps your baby busy. It also includes some gentle movement for parents too, so stretchy clothing recommended lol!

Our classes are very relaxed & informal. We love a good laugh with a huge dose of honesty about the realities of parent-ville! So come along and enjoy the craic! We all know that parenting is hard work, so we want to make this class a bit of time out for you, a chance to have 1-1 time with your baby, but also a chance to talk or have a moan/cry with other new parents about the good, the bad and the in-between of parentville!


This course is taught by me, Rosemary, Founder of Centred Soul, Perinatal & Birth Doula, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.  This is a Non Profit Organisation, with a passion for supporting those affected by Perinatal Mental Health and Birth Trauma.

"I found becoming a Mummy pretty difficult...take a pinch of antenatal and postnatal depression, mix with a refluxy baby (Little R) and boom, all hell broke loose lol... One thing I am very passionate about is keeping these classes grounded...I found baby groups (when I was a new Mummy, with a refluxy baby) very daunting. I felt uncomfortable because I didn't breast feed, my baby cried A LOT, and I was struggling....so I now make it my mission to talk about this & tell others that it is perfectly okay to have a sh1t day, when it comes to parenting! In reality most of us are winging it anyway and it does not matter what parenting choices you make...these are yours to make. During the course, we will also let you know of our other support services available, around Perinatal (antenatal/postnatal) Mental Health, Birth Trauma support and more... So if this sounds like your type of class...come along lol Tea, coffee and occasional cake provided!"

'Centred Yogis' 5 wk course Fri 6th March