'Mind Your Mammas' is an antenatal course with a twist!
Next course starts Tuesday 26th February at 7pm- only 2 spaces left!
These courses are part funded by the BIg Lottery Fund NI!

This course will include all of the regular things you'd expect in an antenatal class, such as pregnancy yoga stretches ...
 we want to shake it up & make this course a bit different, yet PRACTICAL!

Each week we will have pregnancy yoga stretch, as well as relaxation meditation.

We will practice mindfulness techniques, that are easy to use at home, to help you de-stress. We are all about giving you practical, realistic tools in these classes, to help you along whilst all those hormones are wreaking havoc! 

Unlike other antenatal classes, we will be addressing the big elephant in the room, that is Perinatal (antenatal/postnatal) mental health & Birth Trauma!

We will be informing & educating, loudly & proudly- no shame here when it come to MH!

This is not to scare the bayjasus out of you but to raise awareness & give solid information, so women in pregnancy are not so afraid or ashamed to admit that this is happening. 
Anxiety, mood & mental health changes are not uncommon in pregnancy & most importantly we want you to know that there are supports!
AND we want to shake it up a bit more, by including a bit of laughter yoga too🤣🤣🤣 It is as important to us to laugh, as it is to educate!

This course will also have input from a Midwife/Health Visitor & Physiotherapist, both who also specialise in Yoga and Pilates in pregnancy/postnatally.

They are freagin' brilliant & a wealth of knowledge! They are there to answer the questions we all have (yeh we do lol!) on pain relief, breathing techniques, birth to include C-SECTIONS (thank the Lord) & what to expect! #reality

They will talk pelvic muscles, bladder control, stomach muscles and give you PRACTICAL advice to take home & they'll also be using relaxation too.

We will also talk 4th Trimester & give you some brief massage techniques to use when your baby arrives!

This is a chance to pick up useful, practical information & tools to use in pregnancy & beyond, to take time out to relax, meet others and have a huge amount of craic in the midst of it all!!!!
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