Centred 'You'

Here at Centred Soul, self care is very important, yet we know it falls to the bottom of our list of priorities!

...We like to think 'outside of the box'.

...We like to compliment traditional methods of self care, with alternative approaches.

...So we offer a range of self care approaches, to include:

-Counselling therapy

-Laughter Yoga



-Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapy

Relaxation therapies are a well needed food for the mind, body & soul

We become so busy working, stressing, running onto the next task that we forget, that we need 'time off', to keep ourselves well physically, emotionally & mentally.


This is why we offer complementary therapies here at Centred Soul.

Complementary therapy is all about relaxing our 'whole' self, even if this is dedicating just 1 hour per month, to unwind and re-centre our mind, body & soul, to be kind to ourselves. 

Services Offered:


- Reflexology

(General,Fertility & Maternity)

Reflexology is a firm, relaxing foot massage, during which pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet. 

By applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, Reflexology can alleviate the aches and pains in the area reflected in that area of the body. 


Reflexology relieves the symptoms of stress, anxiety, aches, pains and constipation. It detoxes and cleanses the body, helping to restore balance. This treatment is beneficial for those suffering low mood or depression, mental health issues and terminal illness.

Fertility Reflexology is a combination of Chinese Reflexology (deeper pressure) and Western Reflexology techniques. This treatment aids hormonal balance, difficulties in the menstrual cycle, and most importantly de-stresses

Maternity Reflexology is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. It again de-stresses, encourages relaxation, as well as alleviating morning sickness, hyperemesis, high blood pressure and more. 


(Energy healing of the body. A hands off treatment. The practitioner places their hands above the body, channelling reiki energy, so bring the body back into balance, by dispersing the energy blocked within the body)


-Pregnancy Massage

A specialist massage for women post 12 weeks of pregnancy. Alleviates aches and pains, reduces fluid in the body and swelling. Improves mood and induces relaxation, using specific techniques and pregnancy positioning.

-Body Massage

Soothe away the aches and pains with a luxurious massage. 


-Hopi Ear Candling and Pressure Point Massage

(During the treatment, a Biosun ear candle, made of 100% natural ingredients, is carefully placed in the ear to draw out any impurities. Alleviates symptoms of sinusitis, ear, throat and nose congestion, headache & migraine as well as anxiety)


-Organic Facial

(Facial using 100% natural skin care products, followed by facial pressure point massage)

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FAQ: How often should I have a treatment ?  
This is a question we are asked a lot and my answer is always the same. TIME OUT is a must for each of us. If this is a Back Massage or a Reflexology session, we encourage you to make it part of your routine!
 It is better to have one Massage or Reflexology session regularly every fortnight or month, rather than one treatment, per week, for 3 months, only to stop suddenly 
If you make rest & relaxation part of your routine, you will reep the benefits in the long run. 
This is why at Centred Soul, we offer a block booking service, giving you discount too!
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