First thing is first...our classes are honest & down to earth. We know becoming a parent is bloody hard and we not only acknowledge that, but we talk about in class! Whoohoo!

We welcome brutal honesty about becoming a Mum or a Dad, because it is a life changer!

Yes- we learn massage, yes-we do yoga, yes- we sing songs (warning!!! - singing voices not great lol) but what we also do- is offer a place where we can get to know other parents & talk frankly!

We laugh, sometimes we have a cry and generally we talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of parent-ville...because let's face it...it's not always a bed of roses lol!

A lot of our mums & dads have experienced peri-natal mental health issues and /or birth trauma and these classes are also a support network!

Our classes are for EVERYONE! It doesn't matter if you bf, if you bottle feed, if you sling wear, if you push a buggy...anything goes!

So now the classes...

-'Centred Babies' Massage (newborn to crawling) :A series of gentle massage movements taught, to help with baby bonding, peri-natal depression, as well as physical pain of colic, reflux, wind and teething. 

-'Centred Yogis' (Baby Yoga for 8 weeks to crawling): Gentle stretches designed to get your baby moving, into crawling positions, finding their feet, with sensory activities! Recently we have extended our Yogis classes, to include progressed Yoga movements for babies 'almost on the move'. This is known as Yogis Level 2 and includes more advanced movements to help baby with secure standing and walking. 

-'Centred Tots' (follow on from Baby Yoga) and perfect for the wriggly babies! This is a combo of massage & yoga stretches adapted to suit baby/tot! Sensory play included too!


-1-1 Baby Massage Workshops 

Why use these methods?


-Touch therapy, massage & yoga all relieve aches & pains of colic, teething, constipation and wind

-Can help with attachment & bonding between mother, father & baby

-Relaxes baby and improves sleep pattern

-Help digestion and reflux pains

'Professional Bit...'

Rosemary has trained with both 'Hands on Babies' and 'Blossom & Berry' to bring you Centred Babies Massage, Centred Yogis Baby Yoga, as well as Centred Tots Massage & Yoga for the more active tots, in Newry & surrounding areas. 

'Hands on Babies' and Blossom & Berry are the UK's leading providers of RCM accredited baby yoga and massage training and our baby classes are fully accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.

We run regular 5 week courses and one off workshops, which you can find HERE

Private groups sessions, one to one sessions or workshops also available! 

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Want to book a class? sure why not! There's tea on tap! No better reason! lol!